Why Get Just an EDM Drill Machine when You Can Hit the Productivity Trifecta with Titan?

Read how Smith & Nephew Hit the Titan Trifecta!

Titan achieved a game-changing sales and service trifecta for Smith and Nephew: engineering expertise, service and support, and a high-quality EDM drilling machine for a medical device parts production application.

Our Turnkey Solution Allowed Smith and Nephew to:

  • Acquire the right small-hole machines and fixturing; pre-programmed, tested and completely set up.
  • Produce a complicated medical device part with multiplethrough-holes, and without backstrike.
  • Eliminate a bottleneck that slowed down production throughput.
  • Improve cycle time and run a continuous lights-out production.
  • Achieve a high ROI and secure new business.

Our combination of high-quality EDM machinery, engineering expertise, service and support is what we call the Titan Trifecta! After you read our Smith and Nephew case study, feel free to contact us with questions on how we can achieve a Titan Trifecta for you.

Titan Force: A full line of EDM Drilling Machines

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