Titan EDM Drilling Machines

In today’s ever-changing business environment, evolving customer demands don’t just require new equipment – they require innovation. That’s why customers worldwide choose Titan for full-featured, high-performance EDM drill machines. Whether you’re looking for American made or a high-quality import, the depth of our EDM drill product line is the direct result of an established history and years of experience in EDM drilling technology. We deliver robust, cutting-edge EDM machines, including on-site qualified service, immediate OEM replacement parts, turnkey application support, and thorough training.

Titan Force 60

MADE IN THE USA full-featured CNC small hole EDM drill offering the powerful CNC control with a larger travel. Features include electrode capacity from .001″ to .250″, 70A peak power supply, fine amperage control, travel:  24″ x 16″ x 16″, open work height of 18″ to 24″, 1500lb weight capacity.

Titan Force 4240

MADE IN THE USA full-featured CNC small hole EDM drill specifically built for large parts requiring larger travels. Features include CNC industrial motion control (up to 8 axis), automated electrode/guide changers, built-in filtration/DI system, travel: 42″ x 40″ x 40″, maximum work height of 40″, maximum work weight 5,000lbs, complex 6 axis machine available with tilting head and rotary tables.

TITAN i60c

A flexible PC based CNC motion control system with a built-in filtration/DI system, travel: 24″ x 16″ x 16″, open work height of 18″ and 1500lb weight capacity.

TITAN i25s

A manual X/Y with linear glass scales and DRO, built-in filtration/DI system, cutting technology storage database, travel 16″ x 12″ x 16″ and an A axis 45° tilting drill head (i25t).


Titan EDM measures their success based on the trust and relationships with their customers, who have contributed to the rapid growth they have experienced over the last decade. Titan has more than doubled the size of their facility in the past year including the vertical integration of operations previously outsourced. These in-house capability efficiencies help us deliver on promised lead times and minimize supply chain constraints for faster machine delivery.