Titan International Sales focuses on providing small hole EDM drill machines and EDM consumables. Our company supplies electrodes, ceramic guides and electrode seals for a wide variety of small hole EDM drill machines.

EDM Drilling Electrodes

We stock a wide variety of EDM electrodes in brass, copper and tungsten in both single-hole tube and multi-channel (coreless) styles, with diameters ranging from 0.10mm to 6.00mm.

We pride ourselves on consistency and quality. Because of this, we only utilize ISO 9000 certified manufacturers and perform quarterly site visits to ensure performance.

EDM Drill Guides

Our inventory consists of standard and custom ceramic EDM drill guide sizes ranging from 0.10mm to 6.00mm. We also offer extended length and custom EDM drill guides, which are specifically designed to reach deep into cavities, or angled parts where more accuracy is needed.

The design of our ceramic guide is unique in that there are ceramic inserts at both ends of the guide, along with a dual cavity flush hole. This gives the electrode more stability during the burning process.

We also offer premium precision guides, made from silicon nitride with three point contacts. These premium guides offer tighter tolerances, more repeatability and up to 10 times longer guide life vs. standard ceramic.

EDM Drill Guide Specs

EDM Drill Seals

EDM drill seals are available in sizes from 0.10mm to 6.00mm. Our manufacturer uses only the highest quality polypropylene to ensure a long lasting, close-fitting seal between the EDM drill spindle and EDM electrode.